About ADAD

ADAD pays tribute to hardworking cannabis enthusiasts who grind and struggle daily. We toke every day in honor of that, all while still ensuring that sh** gets done. Respect.

See good in bad.
Through highs and lows.
So we're not just rolling joints; we're rolling out the best possible mental state.
Hell yeh.

Quality That's Higher Than Your Expectations
These threads are as carefully curated as your strain collection. Designed to keep you comfortable during your workday, smoke sesh, or unexpected dance party. They will be like "Woah man...you are right...this is another day...and this right here...is another doobie....you just blew my mind"  

Join the ADAD tribe
When you wear ADAD, you're not just putting on clothes; you're paying respect to like-minded individuals who appreciate the lessons that this life provides – so roll yourself something, toke it, and join.

Whether you're hustling in the office, freelancing from your favorite couch, or simply contemplating the meaning of life (and the munchies), do it in style homie. Let's hook you up.